• Posted on: 27/10/2012

FERIMEL participated in the fair FRUIT ATRACTION 2012, which allowed presenting melon produced in La Mancha, with Membrilla as the main producer in the area, to the international market of fruits and vegetables.

From October 24 to 26, 2012, FERIMEL participated in the international fair of fruits and vegetables FRUIT ATRACTION 2012 in order to continue working for the promotion of Melon cultivated in Membrilla and La Mancha. The presence at this fair served for the international market to meet the Membrilla Melon label and to recognize the trust that this seal of quality provides the produce.

FERIMEL has carried out a very significant effort to ensure that visitors, professionals and companies related to the international fruit market, present at the fair, comprehend the importance of Membrilla in the national melon production. Likewise, important contacts and collaborations were obtained in the framework of the Regional Melon Fair in hopes to promoting trade relations and to establishing future markets.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Dr. Miguel Arias Cañete, has reaffirmed his support towards the project of FERIMEL as an innovative initiative for rural development in the area of Membrilla and towards melon as a produce for which Spain should be an international reference.

During FRUIT ATRACTION 2012, AMFAR Membrilla assisted FERIMEL in promoting melon at the national and international levels. A representation visited FRUIT ATRACTION to see first-hand the importance of this fair in bolstering melon farmed in Membrilla.

A delegation of farmers from Membrilla, traveled on Thursday 25 October to visit the fair and disseminate the Membrilla Melon brand thereby supporting FERIMEL in its promoting task over the three days of fair.