II edition of the Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla, FERIMEL 2014

  • Posted on: 25/03/2013

The organization announces that the periodicity of FERIMEL will be biennial.

The Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla continues to enhance the promotion of this produce so significant for the economy of La Mancha and the Region.

The organization of the Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla, whose first edition was held in August 2012, announced that the event will be held on a biennial basis (every 2 years). The next, second, edition of the event will be held in 2014.

The Organization of FERIMEL has announced that a program of actions is being implemented to promote this produce and to assist farmers in La Mancha year round. It aims to participate actively in the fruit-and-vegetable sector at national and international levels, in order to achieve a greater influx of professionals for FERIMEL 2014, which would then encourage an increase in commercial opportunities.