Ferimel 2012

The first edition of the Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla, FERIMEL, was held from 10 to 12 August 2012.

Cartel FERIMEL 2012In the first edition of FERIMEL the following participation data was obtained:

  • Sponsors: 75
  • Exhibiting companies and/or professionals: 30
  • Visitors: +25.000
  • Commercial operations traded at the fair: 300.000 euros (estimated amount)
  • Hotel capacity in the area (Membrilla, Manzanares and La Solana): occupation of 90% (100% in Membrilla)
  • Hospitality: increased sales by 50% (compared to the average weekend)
  • Indirect commercial operations: improvement in trade relations related to the marketing chain of the product 
  • Product branding: positioning the Membrilla Melon, and the Melon from La Mancha in general, as national brands
  • Local corporate image: positioning Membrilla on the national map 

Documents of interest

Official Journal of FERIMEL 2012, with interesting content about the historical culture of the melon in Membrilla and other articles of interest about the product. You can download the magazine of the fair at the following link

Guía del Visitante de FERIMEL 2012

Information on the activities conducted at the I Regional Melon Fair of Membrilla. You can download different professional and recreational programs of the fair, in the following links:

Tríptico de FERIMEL 2012

Programación general de FERIMEL 2012

The Image Gallery section shows some snapshots of the first edition of the fair.